Skoda mulling low-cost Eco platform for India

Skoda is reported to be evaluating a low-cost platform – Eco for emerging markets. This platform is expected to be a re-engineered version of Volkswagen Group’s MQB architecture. 

The MQB is a global platform that underpins many vehicles from small hatchbacks to a large SUVs of the Volkswagen Group. While having a single modular platform for a wide variety of cars can be cost-effective, for a cost-sensitive market like India, it is proving to be quite expensive to produce locally.

With Skoda’s low-cost Eco platform, the company hopes to cut down production costs of the MQB platform by removing some of its high-end systems, which allow it to support everything from hybrids to full-electric drivetrains and front-wheel drive to four-wheel drive layouts. Skoda engineers are also reported to be looking at using materials that could help save costs. As an example, hot-stamped high tensile steel body panels are likely to be replaced with cold-stamped lower grade steel. Economies of scale will play a part in deciding the future of the MQB platform in India. 

Skoda is aiming to increase its market share in India to 5% by 2025.

Source: Autocar

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